About Us.

Early Learning Centre/ The Entertainer is a family owned franchise toy shop in Gibraltar.

In 1994 we had an empty shop in Library Street, previously a children’s clothing shop, and wondered what to do with it. We wanted something unique that would act as a magnet as the shop was a few metres off the Main Street.

We went through the list of all the famous UK High Street names looking for something just that little bit different but drew a blank. Then one day, when tidying up some cupboards at home, we came across some of our own children’s toys from the late 80’s. This was a ‘light bulb moment’ as we had forgotten how often we visited a toy shop with a difference- Early Learning Centre – in a side street in Watford when staying with the in-laws.

This was ‘Learning through Play’, educational but fun, child friendly, with amazing wooden toys and puzzles that had kept our young children entertained for hours. Also, just that bit different from your normal toy shop.

Decision made we wrote to them, Tony worked for 2 weeks in their Harrow shop as part of the selection process, and we became the first international franchisee.

Now, 26 years later, we are reinventing ourselves again following the acquisition of Early Learning Centre by the Entertainer -the UK's largest independent toy retailer.

The business is increasingly being run by our next  generation, who themselves have young children, and we are seeing them play with some of the original toys in our cupboard , proving that they were much loved and trusted toys and a testament to the original ethos and quality.

So now, with The Entertainer brand alongside we have an exciting new range of products at even better, lower prices, but still with that unique knowledgeable, friendly service. Bring your child in and let us help make those childhood memories for them.