Big City Garage

SKU: 143434

"Our brilliantly designed Big City garage is packed with fun features. It is a fantastic inspiration for driving, racing and chasing adventures. Your child can wind up the lift in the play garage, then send a car zooming down the ramps. The cool helipad on top of the toy garage even has realistic helicopter sounds. At the bottom of the multi-storey, there are petrol pumps, a car wash and moveable barriers. The Big City Garage also has lots of room to park and store all your child’s die-cast vehicles. Connects with the Big City Carry Along City, and Big City Spiral Race Ramp for even more fun. Vehicles available separately. Suitable for children form 3 years Quick facts: - 3-storey Big City Garage with wind-up lift - Ramps to zoom down - Fun sounds to enjoy - Includes petrol pumps, car wash and helipad too - Size: Height 54cm x Width 78cm x Depth 44cm"


Age: For ages 3 years and over.

Manufacture: Addo ELC

Our product number: 143434