Branded Products for Play Shops

SKU: 10784

Chips or frozen pizza? Every Mom-and-Pop store's assortment can be filled with this play store set. Many branded products will become real eye-catchers on the sales shelf. Content variable. No customer can resist this selection. Many common products can be found here. A real enriching addition to the play store in the children's room!

Dimensions approx. 6 x 3 x 8 cm
Material paper /cardboard
Catalogue page 233
recommended minimum age from 3 years
Product contents 1 Bonduelle tin of corn, 1 Ricola tin of lollipops, 1 tin of Ovaltine cocoa powder, 1 Nescafe tin of frappe powder, 1 Maggi tin of noodles, 1 Lavazea tin of coffee powder, 1 Prinzenrolle biscuits 1 Ovaltine Biscuits, 1 Knurr Ketchup, 1 Knurr Pommer Sauce
Packaging Item with packaging for hanging
Weight incl. Packaging 0,3 kg
EAN code 4007464020816