Construct a Dino

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"Let's bring dinosaurs back to life! Picture yourself in the Mesozoic era: you can build your own stegosaurus and triceratops and go on roarsome, push-along adventures with them… but beware of the t-rex! Ideal for prehistory and construction fun, this set features a screwdriver and three unassembled dinos. Once built, you can choose to play with them or take them apart and start again. Building and putting the pieces together helps your children develop key fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination while imaginative play boosts their creativity. Suitable from 3 years. Quick Facts: - Build dinosaurs on wheels - Includes a t-rex, a triceratops and a stegosaurus - Develops fine motor skills - Improves hand-to-eye coordination - Great for imaginative play"


Age: For ages 3 years and over.

Manufacture: Addo ELC

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