Music Maker

SKU: 540308

"Each of the four different triangle rattles makes a different sound for your baby to discover: jingling bells, clacking cymbals, chiming bells and rattling beads are enclosed in colourful, chunky frames that are easy for your little one to grip. The four shakers can also slot together to form one big circular shaker for even more fun. Try putting two or three together in different combinations to create different sounds. Let’s sing a song or a nursery rhyme and shake our music maker along to the rhythm. Playing along will help develop coordination and concentration skills. It’s lots of fun too! Quick Facts: - Suitable for children from 9 months - 4 colourful percussion instrument shakers - Play individually or join them up in a circle and play together - Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination - Teaches cause and effect"


Age: For ages 9 months and over.

Manufacture: Addo ELC

Our product number: 147738