Push n Go Crab

SKU: 147756

"The Push 'n' Go Crab walks sideways, just like a real crab. Watch his funny eyes move from side to side as he scuttles along, and hear three different tunes as he moves. Try crawling after or racing the crab: can you scuttle sideways, too? Perfect for encouraging your little one to be active, the push 'n' go crab stimulates their senses while promoting physical development. Suitable from 6 months. Quick Facts: - Push the starfish on the crab's shell and watch him go - Crab walks sideways and eyes move side to side - Plays three tunes when moving - Encourages your little one to crawl after it - Batteries included"


Age: For ages 6 months and over.

Manufacture: Addo ELC

Our product number: 147756