Happyland Mega Construction Set

SKU: 540441

"With three fun characters, three vehicles, a dog and lots of accessories, this mega construction set is mega fun for little hands and designed to inspire lots of imaginative play. Little builders can help the characters move the blocks around. Carry them in the digger, lift them high in the air with the crane and carry them up the conveyor belt to load them into the truck. Don't forget to put out the road signs to warn people there's important building work going on! Hear the roller rattle as it moves along and see the lights flash on the digger as the busy builders get to work - maybe the dog can help with the digging too? Designed for little hands to hold, the detailed happyland characters are designed to inspire imaginative play and improve dexterity skills as your little one moves the pieces around. Suitable for children from 18 months. Quick Facts: - Includes 3 fun characters, dog and lots of accessories - Digger with moving parts, lights and sounds - Push along roller - 360 degree moving crane with retractable basket - Conveyor belt with winding handle - Designed for little hands - Designed to inspire imaginative play"


Age: For ages 18 months and over.

Manufacture: Addo ELC

Our product number: 147994