Happyland Wobble Along Hedgehog

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"With a petal canopy to shade the fairies from the hot afternoon sun, the hedgehog carriage is ready to carry them all around Happyland in style. Seat the fairies at the back in the trailer and help the hedgehog along by pushing it forwards, and watch it rock from side to side as it potters along with the fairies in tow. The fairies could also fly alongside the hedgehog if they've just missed it, trying to catch up with it. Quick facts: -Set includes two Happyland characters and hedgehog with carriage -Great for encouraging early speaking skills -Inspires the imagination -Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination skills and motor skills Great for your child's development: Great for imaginative play, your little one will have lots of fun giving the Happyland fairies their own personalities and voices while making up lots of adventures and stories. Playing together encourages your child to start talking and trying new words, and moving the chunky, easy to grip pieces around helps strengthen little fingers. ELC star quality: We love the Happyland Wobble Along Hedgehog because it's a great way to inspire your little one's imagination. With two fairy figures as well as the hedgehog and carriage, your child will enjoy hours of imaginative play, making up plenty of stories about the characters and bringing them to life by giving each of them a voice of their own. What you need to know: -Includes: 1 x Hedgehog, 1 x Trailer, 2 x Fairies -Suitable from 18 months Playing tips: Fairytale ride- Take turns to ride in the carriage. Feed the hedgehog, stroke and pat it, and see if your fairy friend can keep up as you wobble along! Where shall we go? Friendly hedgehog- Take the fairies on fun adventures! Head to the bottom of the garden, ride to the seaside or wobble around fairyland to say ‘hello!’ to all the friendly fairies. Great for: -Going on a fairy picnic -Arriving in style at the ball -Having fun with friends -Playing runaway hedgehog!"


Age: For ages 18 months and over.

Manufacture: Addo ELC

Our product number: 127419