Pitter Patter Pets Happy Hoppy Bunny

SKU: 538367


Enjoy realistic rabbit cuddling and play with the Pitter Patter Pets Happy Hoppy Bunny.

The Happy Hoppy Bunny has soft, chestnut coloured fur that is perfect for stroking and snuggling. He loves being nurtured and looked after, so give your rabbit lots of attention to make him your best friend. 

Press the Happy Hoppy Bunny’s side to enjoy seeing his long ears wiggle and his adorable nose twitch as well as hearing cute, snuffling rabbit sound effects. He’ll also hop around the room with motorised rabbit movements when you play with him.

A perfect Pitter Patter Pets friend for 3 and over.

Product is approx. x x cm



Age: For ages 3 years and over

Manufacture: ADDO PLAY LTD

Our product number: 538367